Stay connected with your kids.

No excuses - unique screen blocking system. It is impossible to miss a message.
Self explanatory - context images do not require the ability to read or write.
Peace of mind - real-time delivery and approval status.

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Have fun!


HedzApp for Parents and HedzApp for Children apps are free to download from the Google Pla

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Two taps to get it done

We, same way as you, are very busy people, always running and solving little puzzles. For such folks, we did our best to make the life easier.

Select a sticker, confirm it with the default (or latest saved) text and it gets delivered.
There are only 2 taps required to send a sticker. Sticker is what we call them because they arrive to the destination and get glued to the screen until responded.


These messages behave the very same way real pieces of paper do.
Stick it to a door and the owner will see it upon arriving.
Put it on a keyboard and the person will never miss a greeting.
Attach it to a windshield and the owner will know this is the last warning.


We are parents. We want safety. We look for control.
We want to be sure the message gets delivered, gets interacted and an action is taken in response to it.
HedzApp provides statuses for all the steps involved because we want you to be in charge.

Fair game

You would not expect children be the only people receiving the messages, would you?
To make it a fair play, we have added the same functionality coming from the kids as well.
Get stickers, be responsible for replies and make sure you do not ignore you kids’ effort.

Treat them like equals!

Unique and Fun

The application has a very stand out experience which provide a lot of fun moments to users.

Key Features


Messages delivered


Resposes received the same day


Responses received in 2 hours


Responses received in 15 minutes

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