The only new Android location sharing app your family needs

HedzApp is a kid-safe family tracking app
The idea is to provide a simple way to send alerts and communication messages between your family members and friends. All this is done while using android location sharing.

HedzApp is for keeping connected

#1 location tracking app you’ve been waiting for

GPS tracker for kids

There are many location tracking solutions on the market. Why would you need another one?

Buy a Garmin fitness watch, turn location sharing on and everybody with a Garmin account will know your exact position while you run, walk, sleep or do anything else.

It will definitely work but do you want (and have) the budget to spend? Do you have the time to figure out the way to configure the feature? It is there but it’s one of the thousand others covered deep in settings.

Alternatively, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the rest of the communication services, all give you ways to share location with the person you speak with. It’s a great tool. You use it to explain better ways of getting to a party or making sure the delivery service knows where a package should be brought to.

Select a person, open chat, choose the desired sharing item (picture, video, gif, or your current location) and it will be delivered to the other side. The other person just has to ask you to send it.

But, what happens in case you are not available? You are in the middle of а meeting, football game, bike ride. What is the best way to know your location?

Is there a way to make sure messages are delivered? Is there a way to stop being ignored?

This is where HedzApp shines with its unique family location tracking app.

HedzApp Android GPS Alerts
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Kids don’t tell stories – they express emotions

Well, they do tell stories but they are built of short emotional expressions, phrases.

“I am hungry”
“Where is my toy?”
“Can I take this book?”
“Are you home yet?”
“I want ice-cream”

Each such expression includes a story before and the expected reaction after.
Similar to most Asian languages, the whole phrase can be included in a single drawing. In the same way as Chinese, depending on the context, the drawing can bring different meanings.

home location message
home location message

“Are you home?”
“I am home”
“When are you home?”
“I love our home”

These phrases are called alerts or stickers.

HedzApp has 9 stickers

There are 7 simple ones

  • “Time for school”
  • “I want to sleep”
  • “Call me”
  • “Great!”
  • “I am hungry”
  • “Home”
  • A general “anything else” sticker-bell.

There are also 3 interactive stickers

  • “Image” – select from gallery or take a picture
  • “Voice Message” – voice recording that can be sent
  • SOS message that plays a sound once it arrives to the person. The uniqueness of the sticker hides in its ability to play a sound in any situation, including low volume, do not disturb mode turned on, and sound off.

It looks like a game and kids love using it. It is easy to understand, quick to send and receive alerts and does not require writing or reading skills.

A game and a tool – GPS tracker for kids

So why is it so unique?

Have you noticed HedzApp has no location stickers? This is an article about the best location tracking app in the World. Where is it?

The answer is – it is everywhere.

Every single alert you send comes back with a location.
How simple is that?

Send a sticker and you will know the exact location your family member has received it. Remember – we are talking about everybody in the family. Parents can use it, grandparents and uncles, as well. Open the app, select a person, select a sticker, and hit the send button.

HedzApp allows 20 people to be added to the family communication.
Nobody else is allowed. Nobody is hidden. There are no strangers and no bullies. Everybody can message everybody.

The perfect family gathering!

Oh, and then comes the best part – the location is displayed even though the person has not seen it yet.

So you message your kid to let her know grandpa is picking her up from school. She receives the sticker and you know where it’s been delivered.
Shere opens her phone in 20 minutes as she gets out of school and you know where she saw it.
She responds to the message by clicking the thumb up while in the car and you know where she’s riding.

Every step is located and reported.

It is a fair game!

The location is shared both directions. So your kid will know when you are home and your wife will see you are not at work. Use it wisely but we know that you will love it.

It’s a lot of fun for everybody.

Watch the short video that shows the app in action.

For more insights on how HedzApp collects location info please read our very technical article.

HedzApp Android GPS Alerts
Download HedzApp from Google Play Store Now!

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