Benefits of Cellular Antennas for location-based messages

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Why you need Cellular Antennas and a quick intro to our App

Beware! A very technical part follows. It can blow your mind!

HedzApp is a kid-safe Android messenger for family and friends.
The idea is to provide alerts, SOS, and communication ways that track every message and make sure nothing is lost.

We verify that the messages are delivered, displayed, and seen by the other person. In case the receiving device is connected to a GPS, and the reception is stable, you will know the exact location the message was received at.

Unlike chat messengers that allow you to talk to each other but most likely be ignored by your kids, our app makes sure that urgent messages and notifications are received by the intended parties – parents, kids, friends, grandparents, etc.

Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp are for conversations.
HedzApp is for keeping connected.

HedzApp Android GPS Alerts
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GPS, WiFi, and Cellular Antennas….

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Let’s go into a little more detail about one of our main features- The person’s location when the message was received.

Your phone can read the location from three places – GPS, cellular antennas, and WiFi.

Let’s take a look at all three, and discover which one of these options we use in our app when pinpointing the location.

GPS – Precise Position!

First, we have GPS that gives the most precise position (to the millimetre); however, there are two negative sides: battery drains too fast, and it might take too long to pinpoint the location due to different facts, one of them, not being able to find stable satellite signals to get the exact location.

Suppose you communicate with the other person a lot. In that case, this completely drains the battery, and it takes too long for you to get the precise location. 

It sure won’t make anyone happy… of the plagues of the 21st century, a dead cellphone!

WiFi – saves battery, but the location is off

Next is Android’s WiFi option, which provides a less accurate location (up to 10 kilometres), but it also does not use as much battery.

This is a valid option; however, knowing that someone is without a 10 kilometres zone is not very helpful for us. 

Cellular Antennas – The best of both worlds: Saves battery and precise location

In the middle, we have cellular antennas. It is a prevalent way of calculating someone’s location. It is pretty precise (100 metres), saves battery power, and is fast to pinpoint someone location.

We have selected the last option as the basis for our algorithm.

HedzApp Android GPS Alerts
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It works the following way.

  1. The location is automatically collected every 15 minutes and is stored internally. It happens in the background and the application does not have to be opened. As the location is required to answer a message, the latest coordinate is taken and sent back.
    It will not be the exact one but it is up to 15 minutes and fast and gentle on the battery. Anyways, if dealing with children, clerks, or gamers – they are at school, in the office, or in front of Minecraft for hours.
  2. In case another app is receiving the location, say Google Maps, Tinder, or Instagram, the Android system will share it with HedzApp as well, no need to do anything else on your part. Nice and easy!
  3. Sometimes the location cannot be acquired – the device is not connected to networks, out of coverage, or just turned off. In these situations, the answer is delivered to you, but the location is not indicated.

The bottom line

Of course, this is all very simplified and a bit on the short side of the explanation. Please, do not hesitate to drop us a question, either in email or down below, in the comments if you have any questions about this or other features in our app and how we can help you improve your family communication.

You can read more about one of our app’s best features, how to use HedzApp location functionality.

HedzApp Android GPS Alerts
Download HedzApp from Google Play Store Now!

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