Step-by-step installation

HedzApp is a kid-safe Android messenger for family and friends.
The idea is to provide alerts, SOS, and communication ways that track every message and make sure nothing is lost.

We make sure messages are delivered, displayed, and seen.
In case the device is connected to GPS and the reception is stable, you will also know the exact location the message was received.

The application provides a way to connect urgent notifications between all members of a family circle – parents, kids, their friends, grandparents and so on.

Telegram, Viber, and WeChat are for conversations.
HedzApp is for keeping connected.

Any application is a tool that has to be tuned properly.
We are here to help you perform the first steps.

After checking the nice and explanatory introduction screens that are intended to prepare you for the easy and fun experience awaiting ahead, it is time to tell about yourself.

The role you specify is for better in-app experience only. It is intended to let the rest of the people in the family circle know who you are, in case your use a general picture and a nickname instead of the real one.

Do not be scared if you select an incorrect role. Any parent is allowed to change roles, pictures and names of the rest of the members.

The age selection is for parental control only. It is stored locally on your device and is not sent to the system.

Please specify the name the relatives know you for, as well as a nice and friendly picture.

Good names

  • Dad
  • Piter Pen
  • Little Prince

No so good names

  • User 342
  • Scary Beast
  • Test Test Test

As you try to select a picture, the app will offer creating a new one or selecting from a picture album. It will ask for a permission as well. Please do not worry. It is a very common way for Android system to protect you and let you know pictures are to be accessed.
The only picture HedzApp needs is the one you select.

Please use the Login button if you want to save a couple of minutes of your time and bring the name and the avatar you already have.
Right now, the only social network we connect with is Facebook.
As the audience gets older and Facebook becomes less relevant, we will be adding more logins. Please let us know which ones you’d love to have by dropping us a message.

As the avatar and the name are specified, do not forget to press the Save button which confirms your selection and moves you to the main HedzApp screen.

Allowing location reading is a very important part as it allows sending you message delivery status accompanied by location of the receiving device.

Permission request to access location tracking

A quick introduction to the main application features will help you start using HedzApp quickly.

The main functions are

  • Adding people to the family circle
  • Selecting the sticker alert you want to send
  • Updating names, roles and avatars of not very tech-savvy members

Do not worry. The process is much faster than it looks.

If you try to configure HedzApp as fast as possible, it can easily be done in 20 seconds. We have measured!
We are confident you can do it better!

The app provides 2 ways of connecting new members.

  • Scanning the QR code
  • Sharing a link

Scanning is a lot of fun. We are very proud of it and the way the QR code looks like. One app has to be turned into the camera scanner and the second person standing close by should give the code to scan.
With a nice animation and welcome messages the people will be connected.

For cases people cannot scan the code, sharing the link will also work fine. It should remember the setting in cases the invited person does not have the app installed.
Andoid system allows remembering the referal link and connects the people after the installation.

In case you find a bug, please do not hesitate to let us know. It will be highly appreciated and we will do our best to fix any bug discovered.

Thank you!

Stay safe, keep connected and have fun!

HedzApp Android GPS Alerts
Install HedzApp, Family Messages, SOS, and Location Alerts, from Google Play Store Now!

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